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Uni Jetstream Retractable Rollerball Pens Blue

Uni Jetstream Retractable Rollerball Pens Blue

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Uni Jetstream Retractable Rollerball Pens contain a super smooth, rollerball nib which allows you to write with ease. They come filled with Uni Super Ink which is permanent, waterproof and fadeproof so your writing will be long lasting.

Each pen has a medium 1.0 mm nib which is perfect for everyday writing.

The ink is quick drying so the pens are perfect for writing notes in a hurry.

Uni Super Ink is permanent once dry plus it's waterproof and fadeproof.

Each pen has a comfortable rubber grip barrel so your hand won't fatigue while you write.

The pen has a coloured end so you can identify the ink colour.

This pen contains blue ink.

The pens are retractable so you can protect the nib when you're not using them.

Take your pen on the go using the inbuilt pocket clip.
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