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Staedtler 430 Medium Ballpoint Pens Assorted 5 Pack

Staedtler 430 Medium Ballpoint Pens Assorted 5 Pack

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These Staedtler 430 Ballpoint Pens deliver a smooth ink flow for easy, comfortable writing. You can use them at home, school or work for your everyday writing needs, plus they have airplane safe pressure equalisation so you can even take them travelling. There are 5 pens included in this pack so you can stock up all at once.

These pens have a medium, 1.0 mm nib for your everyday writing needs.

The pens deliver a reliable, smooth ink flow so they're perfect for general use at home, school or work.

The ink is made using a low viscosity formula.

You can easily carry this pen on the go using the pocket clip built-into the cap.

The cap is ventilated to prevent choking if accidentally swallowed.

There are an assortment of blue, black and red ink pens included.

There are 5 pens in the pack.
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