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Uni POSCA PC 5M Paint Marker Coral Pink

Uni POSCA PC 5M Paint Marker Coral Pink

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Uni POSCA PC-5M Poster Coloured Markers are made using a non-toxic, water based formula which produces dense, vibrant colours on a variety of surfaces. The markers are permanent on most porous surfaces and are removable on glass.

The marker has a medium bullet tip that measures 2.5 mm.

It is suitable for use on a variety of surfaces including paper, metal, glass, wood and plastic.

The ink is vibrant, fade resistant and quick drying.

This marker is the multi-puprose member of the POSCA range and is a favourite of both professionals and beginners.

The marker is acid-free and non-toxic for your peace of mind.

This marker has coral pink ink.

It produces neat and precise lines, making it ideal for colouring and drawing.
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