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Texta Liquid Chalk Dry-Wipe Marker Jumbo White

Texta Liquid Chalk Dry-Wipe Marker Jumbo White

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Texta Liquid Chalk Makers are ideal for writing on glossy surfaces such as glass, mirrors, whiteboards and ceramics where the ink can easily be erased. For permanent results, the markers can also be used on chalkboards making them perfect for use in cafes and retail environments or schools and offices. The jumbo nib will help to make your writing and markings stand out.

Each Liquid Chalk Marker has a jumbo nib for thick lines.

They're perfect for temporary writing on glossy surfaces or permanent results on chalkboards.

The water-based ink dries quickly and produces vibrant, colourful results.

Each pen has a traditional round barrel.

This marker contains white coloured ink.
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