K Style - Tools - 2pc Secateurs & Gloves Set - FLORAL

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Gorgeous isn?t it? Featuring a bright, colourful palette and an exquisite floral design, this collection is just meant for the garden and home. Imagine yourself nestled in your humble abode, gazing out your front window to a well-groomed garden in full bloom. As you allow sunlight to beam in, you welcome the scent of fresh grass clippings mixed with a gorgeous botanical aroma. With The Brights Collection, all of this and more could be yours! What are you waiting for?

Snatch up this two piece set that we know you?ll bloomin? love! Help your garden bloom and flourish by giving it the grooming it deserves.

Secateurs & with black and white polka dot Gloves
Secateurs Made from: Durable lightweight aluminium
Dimensions: 289mm x 180mm x 60mm

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