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Energizer 2016 Batteries 2 Pack

Energizer 2016 Batteries 2 Pack

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These Energizer CR2016 Batteries are perfect for adding charge to stopwatches, electronic organisers and more. These lithium batteries have 3 V of charge.

These are 3 V, CR2016 batteries.

They're high in density for consistent performance.

They can be used in specialty devices like stopwatches, electronic organisers, heart rate monitors, remotes,
keyless entry systems, toys, games and more.

They can hold power for up to 8 years in storage.

They are leak-resistant and come in child-resistant packaging for added safety.

There are 2 batteries in this pack.

These batteries can withstand a temperature range of between -30 to 60 degrees Celsius.

These batteries are also known as ECR2016 and are a replacement for L10, 280-206, 280-204, DL2016, SB-T11, LF1/4V and 5000LC.
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